We’re All About That Bass!

So about a month and a half ago my family and I had the privilege of going to California, before everyone had to get back to the real world with work, wedding planning, and school. In other words it was the last “hoorah” of our summer. This summer has been such a special one, and it only seemed appropriate to end it in such a grand way! Disneyland has stolen my heart, and I am hoping to return a lot sooner than last time! (Disney College Program? Hmmmm…) AND THE BEACH. I honestly. I have no words. All of it was just so spectacular! The Dole Whips, the smell of oranges during Soaring Over California, the feeling of sand underneath my toes, the inside jokes, the smiles on the faces of the people I love, and the memories that will last a lifetime, made this vacation one of my favorites.


But, I have a little treat for you guys! While we were there, I tried to get footage to put together a little music video! So….. *Cue Drumroll* HERE IT IS! 🙂 Enjoy!


Stay beautiful,


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